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Metal Gear Acid Mobile 3D
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Metal Gear Acid Mobile 3D

Available for Mobile
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Game Information

The Metal Gear Series sneaks its way to mobile! A plane has been hijacked by an unknown terrorist threat and it?s up to Solid Snake to infiltrate the enemy and put an end to this dangerous crisis. Get ready to experience deep tactical espionage as you plan out your strategy to infiltrate the enemy and accomplish missions in an entirely new Metal Gear game.

With atmospheric graphics and appearances by old familiar Metal Gear faces, Metal Gear Acid combines the renowned characteristics of your favourite stealth trip with a new emphasis on tactical turn-based strategy. This innovative approach lets you delve into the strategic side of warfare as differently themed card decks give you unique abilities and actions helping you to defeat the dangers lying ahead. Are you ready to accept your mission?

Game Facts
Genre: Mobile Games
Release-Date: Not availalbe anymore
Players: 1
Ingame-Text: English
  • Now also on mobile: Team up with Solid Snake to foil the plans of your enemies
  • Experience classic Metal Gear tactical espionage with an innovative take on turn-based strategy
  • Use and edit differently themed card decks to add more tactical depth to your gameplay
  • Sneak your way through up to 10 challenging levels in 4 different environments
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Average Score: 5.3
Votes: 31
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