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Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry
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Nintendo DS

Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry

Available for Nintendo DS
Game Information

Set in a magic school, the game entails mastering a series of spells and incantations in order to achieve a Magician Licence and become Master Wizard. To this end, the player enrolls in the Magic Academy where alongside over 150 fully interactive pupils, they must learn and implement key spells and use them wisely.

During the course of a term, however, the player is asked to solve a series of puzzles by mysterious beings that appear once a week throughout the game. Doing so will reward the user with extra items for use in their magic, and contribute towards the player's advancement.

The other inhabitants of the School are key to the player's progress. They can make friends with anybody in the school and through these friendships learn new spells and abilities, as well as go shopping or take up hobbies, join bands to play music together, and even go on dates. Similarly, the school is rife with gossip related to available mysterious events, romance, stories among the pupils and players can even lend their character to friends in a unique 'Study Abroad' scheme wherein they are imported to a friend's game world for tutoring - and will even discuss their adventures on their return!

Different stories and adventures will be revealed depending on what bonds are formed with the game's characters and how the player chooses to solve each of the 52 adventures

With its truly immersive game world and adaptive gameplay - all of which is played in real time courtesy of the DS internal clock - Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry is a truly magical experience. Packed with unique items for use in magic, the player faces many long and hard challenges as they strive to attain the coveted five-star rating that will earn the Master Wizard accolade.

Game Facts
Genre: RPG
Release-Date: 13th March 2009
Players: 1-4
Age Rating: Minimum Age: 3 Minimum Age: 3

  • Over 150 fully interactive pupils to befriend
  • Multiple storylines depending on your friends
  • Lend characters to a friend's game to learn even more
  • Played in real time - new challenges every week
  • 1,500 customizable features including clothing, characters, spell upgrades, furniture and accessories
  • 52 mysterious adventures for players to solve using their magic abilities
  • Single player story mode, upto 4 player co-operative play
  • Use the standard alphabet or magic alphabet to chat with any player via Wi-Fi
  • Download additional items


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Average Score: 9.4
Votes: 166
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