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Sports Island Freedom
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Xbox 360

Sports Island Freedom

Available for Xbox 360
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Game Information

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed it will be releasing a Kinect exclusive version of HUDSON SOFT's Sports Island for Xbox 360 later this year. Provisionally entitled Sports Island Freedom, the sports compilation will allow users unrivalled control within its ten events.

Sports Island Freedom marks HUDSON SOFT's first use of the Kinect technology, and boasts ten new sporting events designed especially for motion-control system. Players will compete in specially-created games of Tennis, Boxing, Archery, Paint Ball, Beach Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross and Figure Skating - each of which enjoys a bespoke control system.

Sports Island Freedom makes full advantage of Kinect's advanced technology and allows gamers to compete controller-free against friends and family, and even online against decathletes around the world. Players can use their Xbox 360 Avatar as their in-game athlete, and their movements are tracked in-game. Sports Island Freedom is a fun title that delivers the accessible experience of the original HUDSON SOFT title, but adds additional depth with exciting next-generation gameplay.

Game Facts
Genre: Sports
Release-Date: Out now
Players: 1-4
Age Rating: Minimum Age: 3 Minimum Age: 3

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Average Score: 7.2
Votes: 8
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