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PES 2008
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PES 2008

Available for PlayStation 2
News / Events
New PC-Patch 1.20 for PES 2008 now available

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released a new patch for the PC-DVD version of its PES 2008 title. 

The free update corrects issues related to network connections, and adresses the slowdown that affected online play. The match-making system has also been enhanced, while some incompatibilities with graphic cards and Vista have been resolved. 

Konami is committed to continually enhancing users? gameplay experiences, and will continue to look into ways of improving PES 2008.

Recent Updates:

1)  Searching for opponents in ?Quickmatch? tries first to pair you with players having a good connection

2) Occasionally appearing slow downs during matches have been fixed to improve game play quality 

3) Some changes to the network structure have been introduced in order to solve issues for users which are not able to connect to opponents 

4) Issues with Windows Vista causing PES 2008 not to recognize the full amount of the video card's VRAM have been fixed. 

5) Various other minor issues have been corrected


PES 2008 PC Patch 1.20


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